"you are the reason that you're here." -jeff hanson

so after asheville the plan was to go to richmond and play a house show. but we got to jese stretch's property (huge) and started throwing a frisbee, then ellen got a kickball so we started playing kickball, then geoff got a van full of beer, then the grill started up... needless to say the show ended up not happening. but the night was really magical and fun! i had forgotten how much fun kickball is. the team i was on was ruling pretty hard, but i was really terrified of the other team and a few times i just crouched down and covered my head when someone was running at me instead of making it my duty to get to the base. the points started getting all mixed up as the competitive spirit rose and in the end we called it a tie.

the next day was a show in DC set up by ellen and her mother for a nonprofit called A Wider Circle, which helps underprivalidged familes furnish their homes. it was a totally different crowd, definitely an older one, but the show was one of the more successful ones yet. we sold twenty some-odd cds and all the sing-a-longs were heartfelt and heard.

more later, i promise-- right now we're in ithaca but a lot has happened from then till now!

as for now i just found out that jeff hanson, one of my favorite songwriters, died a couple days ago. please give him a listen or even better go out and buy an album. i recommend Son.

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