minor turbulance among the minor miners.

it was a long drive into columbus, ohio. dave lewis set a show up for us vic's midnight cafe. there was a solo act covering great old country tunes, followed by yet another cover band much more strange. a very... flirtatious...woman in a red evening gown singing foo fighters along side a bass player wearing a fuzzy hat, turned up way too loud, standing on the amplifiers, falling to his knees, thrusting, etc. we all teased cody d that if he started taking drugs now, that could be him in 40 years.

here's ryan being smeepy after the show.
we all camped out in a tiny yard which was sort of fun and sweet. the next morning we bought some amazing fresh fruit from a stand across the street, upset some dogs in the next yard by existing, and dave blessed all our vehicles (and gave an extra blessing for cole... said "he'd know when it comes up.")
we drove into chicago, and yes, listened to the sufjan stevens song. tristero had a show booked at a bar that i don't even want to mention because it was really impolite. cole and danny got cross with each other and danny ended up getting a little bit too upset and got kicked out. the army that is the tour talked to the bar about what a good guy he really is, and he apologized. they let him back in and they played a great show. we had a little band meeting in a parking lot and almost got towed. we got in pretty late to sam quinn's house and cashed out pretty soon after arriving. the next day we took the train to a nice but expensive breakfast place. chicago, to me, is one of the more beautiful cities we were in. all of the buildings are brick but they're all different kinds of brick. most of them look really old- and there's a lot of wood, metal, chain-link, etc. debris lacing them. cole and i went back to sam's to get some work done and pretty much stayed there all day until it was time to load up for the show.the show was booked at an absolutely beautiful bar/lounge called the whistler. they had this really neat blown-up image in a bunch of little frames. i really, really liked it. on the drive over, however, we got a phonecall that the people in the band under 21 were to absolutely not be allowed through the door. there were no exceptions, and none of the typical hooplaw of putting black X's on their hands so as not to serve them alcohol.
we contemplated playing without them, but that is not really the style of apple miner. anthony and i wandered to an amazing coffee shop and tried to set up a show there. we actually did get it rolling, but then about fifteen minutes later the owner changed his mind. finally we found a basement about a block away that we could play in. cole and ryan wore suspenders to assist with the hanging on of the britches.
the opener, angel olsen, followed us there and played the show with us. and thank god. she is absolutely amazing, visit her page and listen to all of it. my favorites are "lonely universe" and "who cares, i'm not a moralist." the space was small and a bunch of people left after angel, but the people that did stay were really attentive and excited about the music, as is pretty much every person who has the patience to stick around for apple miner. i got to sing "dark feral dogs" for the first time.

afterward, though, the mood changed drastically. we had another band meeting underneath the deafening train tracks. the racket was fitting for the storms brewing. some people, myself included, were very happy with the show and our resourcefulness in the face of troubles. but the vast majority of the band had felt like the whole night was a failure in many ways. turmoil ensued and feelings were hurt. not a good moment, but every tour must have those.
once back at sam's, cole and i learned that the best way to make things work to leave town the next day to minneapolis would be for us to leave at 6am with the film crew. it was actually sort of a relief, just to be able to leave before dawn and get away from the previous night with neutral parties.

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