a heart so swollen

cole bee wilson

such a pretty weed
(daisy in the ground)
growing up inside of me
(growing sound)
like winter in a tree
(cold without a home)
fills it up with golden leaves
(golden bows)
so let's go for a ride
(holding in the hand)
and walk into the countryside
(country grand)
love you so i do
(love you so i do)
cause what you said about the world is true.
(oh so true.)

cause i don't want to live or die leaving life behind
if it don't mean nothin.
if everything's a droubted doubt with no way out
for a long time comin.
i just want to make my peace and take some ease
in the things you told me.
like everything's a runnin spring, a golden beam
down a long road comin
that we're both still runnin.

i don't want to fight
(i don't want to run)
i don't want to fight with you tonight
(come undone)
let's just kill the lights
(pillow and the sheets)
learn to really live, goodnight.
(come to sleep.)
so mornin should it come
(i'm not going to lie)
by evening if we both don't run
(say goodbye)
then by the rising sun
(let it take it's time)
tell you you're the only one
(baby try, let's try, let's try, let's try.)

i just want to touch your hair, it still seems fair
if you still don't love me.
ready now to kiss your knees and let life be
what it is already.
cause i don't want to reach and crawl, and give my all
where there's so much stolen.
ready just to lay right down on the cold hard ground
in the next storm comin,
with a heart so swollen.

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