peachy keene

we got home late then woke up the next morning pack up and head out to keene, new hampshire. the traffic was way worse getting out than it was getting in. the city did not want us to leave. keene was yet another sharp contrast to new york. people were almost creepily polite. everything was spotless and green. cars always stopped for pedestrians and the roads were wide and cushy. the show was at a place called armadillo burrito. bandera (above) got to play here and it was very nice to hear. they are one of my favorite bands including people i know personally.

apple miner played and the strings walked around the room playing rather than sticking to the stage. el rojo's family was there and gave some very generous donations to the band (thanks again!), and show generally was a success.

afterward we stayed at sort of a strange house where we were told we weren't allowed to use the restroom, but there was a nice campfire and plenty of places for tents. the next morning some did some garden work as payment for using space in the yard while the rest of us packed up. we found a great little diner for breakfast, walked around a bit, then headed out to north hampton.

for the record, we are in minneapolis right now and i am really that far behind in updating this blog. i promise i will catch it up one of these days!

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