a bunch of little apples in the big apple.

the drive into new york was surreal. we went from wide open plains and horse and carriages into first suburbia, then into new jersey. the part we saw was almost 100% power plants and billboards. i actually found it to be quite stunning. then finally, gridlock traffic heading into brooklyn. patricia is a badass driver and parker so we got into a spot right by backyart (lia's house) with pretty much no problem.

i had planned to meet up with my cousin, kristin, and her family as they live in brooklyn the first night in, but we ended up getting in later than expected and we had to forego the visit. we went to a restaurant that apparently we'd looked at the lunch menu for and ended up being too expensive for a few of us. cole, cody d, and i went next door and got pizza and soda. we then decided to just head on back to matt pucket's apartment (the other place some of us stayed). of course pretty much right then it started pouring rain. calling a cab came up, but we were determined to prevail in navigating the subways. this was a good call because it actually ended up being sort of fun, and we saw more of the city that we'd have otherwise missed. after a long trek we finally made it back, soaked and triumphant. jeremy (matt's rad roommate) made us some tea (from scratch) and we had some hilarious conversation before crashing.
the next day i'd made new plans to see kristin's family despite her not being able to make it.
robert (my cousin in-law), 2.5 year old wilsie clover, baby wyath acre, cole, and i had some coffee and played in the apartment for a while.
i watched the somewhat bizarre but highly effective methods to get wyath to both fart and go to sleep and gave him many kisses as this is the first time i'd met him.

we went on a little walk to get some food and robert showed us how to get a meal without getting yelled at in new york. they had to take off to a doctor's appointment, but pointed cole and i in a direction to a beautiful little playground and park. we sat near the shore next to the bridge and stared at the skyline. a pregnant young girl and her older husband were getting photos taken on the rocks. two hip girls were eating lunch and shewing the pigeons away from their feet.

later on cole started feeling sick, but he and i went out for a steak dinner anyway and it was really good.
the next morning was museum of natural history day! i woke up wide-eyed and bushy-tailed and bounced off the walls until we got there. we were going to meet will and emily there, but we somehow ended up on the same train.
once there, cole's illness started getting magnified so we stopped to rest in the museum often.

we got pictures of ourselves next to our power animals.
it was time to load in for the show at coco66. i found out that before the music there was to be some stand-up comedy. this was exciting becasue i'd never seen stand-up live before. most of them were actually pretty funny! my favorite bit was by a really tall guy named jared who talked about the snuggie being the official uniform for depression.
the music began and the bar got really crowded. the apple miner colony then performed one of the best shows i've seen from them. the audience was super into it and afterward there comments like, "you got people to dance and sing... in brooklyn. that's insane." this is definitely a contender in the contest for best show of the tour.


  1. pictures of the fam! wyeth looks like a little chimichunga. and i have a picture of wilsie exactly like the one you took, almost, with robert feeding her. <3 the pic of you by the hare. i wanna hear more about your experience @ the nat hist mus.

  2. and i have a pic of the squid and the whale too!