i threw myself willingly.

In the morning jack's mom made us cinnamon/wheat pancakes, bacon, eggs, quiche, fruit, etc. it was amazing. We took the short drive to boulder, checked out the venue, hung some posters, and ate some expensive food.

There was another good soundcheck before the show with matt, mitch, and cole running sound. The show was absolutely great, and the response by the audience was pretty fantastic. One guy named james wrote a really cool compliment as a comment on this blog: http://nateshorb.blogspot.com/2009/06/keene-on-apple-miner-colony.html

after the show when loading up the truck one of kyle's back windows shattered. This car has seen some tough times. Cole, anthony, and i rode with matt tillson to his house in fort collins and pretty much just passed out.
When the sun rose we went to big city burrito. This place is amazing. I got a potato burrito on a spinach tortilla with guacamole, grilled onions, cheese, black beans, hot salsa, etc.... sounds pretty ordinary but let me tell you. Far from it.
mike 'f'lawless
matt tillson
cole wilson. Back at the house bluebird pioneers (cole, matt, mike, geoff)practiced for the first time in a while.

Cole and i realized we were becoming alcoholics when we got grumpy about there being no beer. Finally, though, matt and dave arrived with a ridiculous amount of growlers.
Another sound check, an adorable dog, and the show was off. Tristero played first, and ellen guided the dog outside because, and let me just make a little note here: dear humans, dogs ears are sensitive and you should not take them to loud concerts in enclosed spaces and keep them on a leash, pulling them into you when they're obviously feeling uncomfortable. I saw this happen way too much on tour.
Then apple miner played. The audience in fort collins was probably the best of tour. They got really into all the sing alongs and packed into the garage.
Then bluebird played totally unplugged. This was the first time i'd seen them and i absolutely loved it.

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