we played a biker bar in amish country.

after the show in DC we split up, some staying at ellen's house, some at tamir's. i went to tamir's house, where his parents were so hospitable (thanks!). we got there and there was beer and cookies all ready for us to partake in. in the morning we had one of the most luxurious breakfasts of the tour, with eggs and veggies, bagels and cream cheese, coffee from a french press, juice, toast and jam, etc. afterwards there were even smoothies being made that were very delicious.

this day was an emotionally charged one for me on a personal level as it was my best friend in junior high/high school's birthday who passed away when we were 17. i sang her happy birthday in my head and managed to stay positive and creative all day in her honor.

we started the drive into pennsylvania. i spent the entire time drawing on some tracing paper i bought with colored pencils. it didn't work out to get a show in philadelphia, but geoff pulled some strings and got a show in honeybrook, a really small town in PA. as we neared the venue there was a feeling of disbelief in the van while we passed several amish carriages and farms. we caught wind that we were actually going to play a biker bar here. this was confirmed when we arrived at a bar with men and their bitches, leather, motorcycles, slurring strangers at the bar, and so on. yes, the apple miner colony played a show at a biker bar in the middle of nowhere/amish country. the show went off and there were definitely a few people that really stopped to listen. patricia even heard one dude say "those kids really got their shit together!" then speed off on his hog.

here's a picture of tristan filming jack looking uncomfortable at that very bar.
that night we stayed with matt rosen's family on their stunning property. they had a horse and a pony that were very lovey toward each other. matt plays guitar in a band called nautilus and they're extremely worth listening to.

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