north hampton

we drove into north hampton and arrived at chris jenning's house (holla). we threw our stuff in the barn, played some basketball, took some showers, ate some food, i went on a walk, then we set up for a backyard show. of course the music brought the rain, but everyone crowded underneath the tarp until it stopped and it didn't seem to phase the audience one bit. it was ellen's birthday, so "hooray for bailey moore" became "hooray for ellen brand" for that night.

cole at this point was pretty ill. i layed him in bed with some blankets and kleenexes and water and my cell phone. the gang was going out dancing so i decided i'd go out while cole slept. i walked with the film crew and a few others to a nearby dance club/bar. inside we were all barefoot, sweaty, and dancing in no time. i was very impressed at kyle's dancing ability to dance and i am determined to one day have a dance off with him. i couldn't figure out how ryan dances for like a half hour then i finally realized it was a mix of ska and the running man only on a really small scale. ellen had angel wings on that i kept flapping for her. i stole mitch's hat several times for badassery purposes. basically we made the party.

cole called and i needed to get back so i tried to rally people to walk back with me, and by the time i got people out of there and got back it was really late and a man in a wheelchair had cornered me in a parking lot trying to get me to play his guitar.
the next day we got cole to a doctor but not without a few reminders of why america's healthcare system is fucked. but, he got some antibiotics and mike got his toe wrapped up (he got a pretty gruesome toe injury), we found out the receptionist went to CSF and had a class with cole (one of many, many coincidences such as this), and we were on our merry way.

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