like a shadow

The next day in fort collins was the very last “get in the van”/role call. We woke up early to get a head start in getting home. I walked around kicking people to get up and help clean/pack up then soon after we were up. I slept a little then we listened to more this american life. We arrived in santa fe and were immediately reminded of how bad the drivers are.

We pulled into the parking lot and starting pulling everything out of the vans to once again pile in cole's house.

We got them all clean, inside and out. After a few surreal hours cole, matt tillson, and i watched super troopers and were immediately reminded of how bad it is.
The next day a small group of tourers went got some breakfast. We took the vans back and cole felt like he was being stripped of two pets. Pet dinosaurs. We went to dinner with cole's mom then had some practice/blog-writing time, then went to the film crew's house to hang out and drink some whiskey before dave's birthday party.
Dave lives with ben at A1 which is a really neat warehouse. Ryan and cole bought him a copy of Labyrinth.

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