a melodramatic introduction.
embark, if you will, on a mystical journey through the deep south, east coast, and midwest of america. join thirty others on the road, exploring pale underbellies, colorful character, hidden skeletons, and towering civilizations. plunge into the depths of audial pleasure that will rattle your innards and impale your thoughts around a spear of melodic poetry, trembling violin, quaking trombone, and a vast array of other painstakingly casted instruments that make up the apple miner colony. you will not need a suitcase or garbage bag. no, you will require no luggage. just bring your best feet for travellin'. your best lips for kissin'. best ears for listenin'. and best heart for lovin'. these will always keep you home. keep you safe. keep you true. rides such as these will never bee all bright rosy apples, kisses, and castles.* the going will get tough. "the times [will be] hard and full of sorrow."* but after trials there will be ease. ease in knowing that your flash in the pan came about at a time when beauty, love, and music are triumphing over the dark forces of humanity. knowing that if you were not yet born, you would be blissful yet ignorant to this slight and beautiful moment in the infinite chain of moments. and if you were to be already dead, well, you would be mourning your passing and greiving your family. but instead you are here and you are watching a little bit of art and love spread out across a patch of land, and then leaving to lead and live your own magical mystery life. your army of doubtlessness and arsenal of kindness right by your side. welcome, then. to the greatest day of your life. to your eternal birthday. to the home is wherever you are tour.

*cole wilson

"home, you are my home. home is wherever you are." - cole wilson

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